Monday, October 31, 2011

crossfit flagstaff and a couple more hikes

i don't think any of us got a lot of sleep after the canyon run, so we were up early and ready to head back to sedona. jd was feeling much better and managed to scarf down some pizza for breakfast. we also stopped at ick-me-donalds on the way, where i grabbed a vanilla shake. once we got to sedona, we spent the rest of the day hanging around, with some of us napping, and one of us going for a run . . . WTF ! anyway, steve and i managed a slow 'stretch out the legs' walk to the grocery store for some junk food around dinner time, and then we all settled down to watch 'captain america'. i lasted about 5 minutes, and then the guys had to turn the volume up cuz i was snoring so loud! ahahaha! we ALL slept good that night.

thursday i had begged the guys to drive me to flagstaff so i could take a crossfit class. they were all okay with it, despite calling it a cult, and asking if we had a secret handshake. we stopped for a short hike on the broken arrow trail along the way - felt good!

the happy foursome . . .

hay steve . . .

kool tree !!

ahahaha! just what chris' calves wanted - more climbing . . .


and check it out - crossfit flagstaff !!!!!

everybody here was SO nice. they introduced me to the group as kendra from crossfit bolton in canada and then made me do all kinds of painful, stretchy, horizontal walking warm-up thingies! owww! the two trainers, todd and scott, were amazing! i am so glad i came, despite being still pretty stiff from tuesday! luckily i only had to do handstand pushups, kettlebell swings and air squats!

thanks crossfit flagstaff!!

after some lunch, we drove back to sedona, but not before stopping for a couple of hours on the soldier pass trail.

we spent another evening eating junk food and watching a movie - i managed to stay awake for this one. and then sadly, it was time to leave. i hugged my new buddies good-bye, with promises of future road trips, and made my way back to the treehouse!

dora the explorer is home from yet another incredible journey . . .

Into the abyss will I run
I can't let you go
Yes I am stricken and can't let you go


  1. Amazing trip!! Great memories. :)

  2. Nobudy said nuthin' about no rattlesnakes. And what's the deal with Phantom Ranch not serving you?I was planning on buying a couple of beers there.
    Great job,Dora, it looks epic.

  3. Great blogs on the trip Kendra. Loved reading all the details.

    Time to start planning what's next!

  4. sara - you HAVE to go! it's amazing!

    digger - WE have to go! and we might be able to get beers if we're there BEFORE 4pm!

    D - maybe a snowshoe race . . .

  5. HAHAHAHA I love how you got teased about crossfit being a cult!! It is questionable isn't it ;)

    I also love how you wore your "crossfit bolton" t-shirt to the other gym..represent!

    Glad you had such a good time..I'm envious and hope to take a trip out there one day too...


  6. don't forget the secret handshake lovely!

  7. Sure the cult people always seem nice at first thats how they suck you in.

    While you worked out and practiced your secret handshake we drank starbucks coffee and ate donuts. I think you got the short end of the stick on that one.

  8. ya, but you guys sucked me into leadville . . .

    thanks again chris - i had so much fun!!! and look out colorado !