Sunday, June 5, 2011

look out alaska - dora's coming to town!

i've been trying to post pics for the past 3 days, but sympatico really fucking sucks lately, and i haven't been able to upload anything! WHY do i pay these people - WHY !?

on a way more positive note - i'm outta here tomorrow morning! yup! leaving for juno alaska for 5 days of running in the mountains with geoff roes and 9 other ultra fanatics! should be amazing! then i'm staying with a 'running family' for 2 days and have a really kool boat cruise planned. also hope to do some hiking - want to get in as much as i can.

most of my friends have caught on . . . i started getting smart ass emails beginning of the week. "have you started packing yet?' 'will you be packing monday morning on the way to the airport?' ya ya - i get it - i know i procrastinate! but okay, no, i haven't started yet . . . lots of time!

anyways, i'm better at pictures, so i won't bore everyone with a lot of yapping. and i really should start organizing myself . . .

signing off - dora the explorer - next stop - juneau alaska !

'life is good'


  1. Have FUN!! What kind of weather are you expecting up there?
    It is very hard to post a comment today for some reason so I hope this works;-)

  2. Ha ha, I bet you are packing right now.Have a great time, see you when you get back.

  3. not sure about weather EJ - mid temps and chance of rain! congrats on your race! amazing!!

  4. ahhaha! actually got done packing an hour ago! whoda thought?!
    thanks digger!
    oh ya - wearing my pylon shirt on the plane!

  5. have a great experience, do miss those tues and thurs mornings . A.D.