Monday, June 20, 2011

alaska mountain ultrarunning camp - day 4

day 4 was another good day for climbing! we started out on the john muir trail which gave us a chance to run uphill for just over 45min. so kool ! we started out on double track, which turned to single track and ultimately a boardwalk with dozens and dozens of steps!

waiting for us at the top was this cute little cabin . . .

at this point, geoff let two of the local runners, bob and glen, lead us across spalding meadows, as he wasn't super familiar with the trail. bob, the guy with the yellow pack, is about 60 something and ran like it was nothing! glen, the guy with the turquoise shirt, and the metal water bottle tied to his shorts, is 70+ and hilarious!!! he kept talking about his 'first wife' to whom he's still married. and i'm thinking it was a really good thing they were there, as i don't think i once saw any signs of a trail . . .

ben, chris, me, jason and steph . . .

this section was kool - it went for about 5 miles, and was this spongy, wet, rolling meadow!

the run finished with some sweet trail that ran along the montana creek . . .

saw this little dude just before glen took me on a 'short cut' - which took about 10min longer than the regular route! haha!

now this is a rock !

finished off with a total of 15.5 miles in 3:51. vertical for the day was almost 2300'.

dinner for that night was a bbq on the beach! fresh salmon and white fish, baked potatoes and salad AND pie for dessert! i could sooo get used to this!

john, brian, steph, chris and will . . .

andreas, geoff, ben, the lovely carle and chad . . .

again - 'sigh' . . .

everybody here is so nice and amazing, and it will totally suck to leave in a few days!!!


  1. All this running and eating-- hmm reminds me of something: oh yeah, TRR :-)

  2. FUNTASTIC!!! Thanks for all of the pictures. Must have been hard to come home.

  3. trr was fun! you'll have a blast this year judy!

    and yes, it was hard to come home ej! imagine having that as your playground for training!?