Tuesday, June 28, 2011

cycle for sight 2011

what a great day! got my sweet friend liz'bet to drive me and the giant to downsview subway station for the start of our epic 'cycle for sight' ride to collingwood! (it is south of 7 ya know!) one of the things they tell you to bring is water bottles . . . well, i filled mine, and i put them in my backpack, but i left my backpack in my car, which was back in bolton . . . stoopid dora! luckily the ride organizers took pity on me and donated a couple.

okay, so, LOVE the jerseys! i will wear it with pride for sure . . .

my incredible friend michael ovens - co-chair of cycle for sight - recruited me for his team, so i got to get my picture taken with the bear . . .

thanks sweetie!

before we started, michael gave a little speech on the foundation, and where the funds were going. he also made a personal comment that left very few dry eyes in the parking lot. when asked 'what exactly can you see', he replied that it has gone from tunnel vision, to seeing through a straw, to now just pin pricks. really makes you appreciate what you have, doesn't it . . .

we left downsview just after 8:30 and headed up and over to keele street. first stop was in king city. you should have seen all the food the lions club put out for us! and then on to schomberg - good gawd - more food! i heard a few people comment that we would be gaining weight for sure on this ride! just before alliston, this really kool firefighter chick from toronto, daina, came up beside me and we rode into the next rest stop together. MORE FOOD! hahaha! did someone say forbidden donuts . . .

she was hilarious and her being a 'city girl' sure was entertaining to me. especially when she mentioned the poor, half-skinned kitty on the side of the road . . . kitty, what kitty, oh THAT - that's actually a possum honey! bahahaha!! but seriously, she was awesome to ride with and we hit collingwood before we knew it!!

my buddy eric, not riding but coordinating everything, was at the finish line to greet us! what a doll! he worked harder than all of us i'm thinking!

alright, we did it !!!

love you michael . . .

the ride in total was 148k and we did it in just over 6 hours. thanks for the company daina! and thanks thanks thanks to my so many generous friends who helped me raise $2275. i truly appreciate it!

so what i got out of this was more than just a ride to collingwood. i got to see incredible people who don't feel sorry for themselves, who just get on with life and make the most of it. i can still see little vivian, who maybe weighs 96lbs, on the back of a tandem bike being led by this strong, burly looking guy in a dornellas jersey! he was so kind and kept asking how she was doing. i loved it! the whole experience was overwhelming, and inspired me beyond words.

thank you michael !

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