Thursday, June 23, 2011

alaska mountain ultrarunning camp - last days

the rest of the crew left early sunday morning, and once geoff and i dropped the last group off at the airport, we went over to meet the 'old geezers' for their sunday run! we took the dredge lake trail over to the east glacier, and on the way there, glen pointed out a momma bear and her 3 cubs! they were only about 25' away - and did i have my camera . . . NO! stoopid dora! i was pretty bagged, and so we only did about an hour. we then went and had breakfast with everybody - can you say monster pancakes!! what a great great group of people!

i went back to the cabin and helped geoff and carle clean up. quick work with the 3 of us! then geoff dropped me off at libby and geoff's place - my home for the next couple of days. after meeting isaac and paige, their neat little kids, i decided to walk into town. i thought about souvenir shopping and just ended up buying an ice cream! i hate shopping!! it was an early night for sure - i was exhausted!

monday was boat cruise day down the tracey arm! so kool! check out this huge iceberg . . .

waterfall . . .

another waterfall . . .

heading into the glacier . . .

it was chilly for sure!

close up shot . . .

at the end of the cruise, libby and the kids picked me up, and we went over to geoff and carle's for dinner. again, so great to hang out with all these people! and then, just like that, it was tuesday morning at 4am, time to get on a plane and head back to ontario.

everybody keeps asking 'what was it like . . .' i can't put it into words. i met such an amazing group of runners and went places on my feet i never thought i would. i took something from everyone i met, john, jim, ben, will, andreas, chris, steph, chad and jason - you totally made this for me! carle - you are so beautiful and i can only try to gather some of your spirit. and geoff - wow - someone asked if i was overwhelmed, and in awe of you. i guess i can say yes, but not in the way they might think. you are so humble, gentle and kind. you totally gave each and everyone of us all your attention, and you never once made us feel like we were any less of a runner than you. i was asked what i took back personally from this whole experience, and this was my answer . . . 'have fun and run how you feel - don't get caught up in time and mileage. love what you're doing.' and that is priceless. thank you mr. roes for showing me your version of crazy - i won't forget it!!!

OH !!!!!!! one more thing i got from this . . .

another REALLY KOOL sticker!!!

phew - done - finally!


  1. Great experience, great report and great pics. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We have to synchronize our schedules. That looks awesome.Wanna do it again next year?

  3. "have fun and run how you feel...." I love it! Makes us struggling trail groupies of Kendra's feel awesome!

  4. thanks D - it was amazing!
    digger - don't think it would be the same!
    all my trailies - you ARE awesome!!!