Friday, June 17, 2011

Alaska Mountain Ultrarunning Camp - the arrival

i must stay, packing was fairly uneventful this time! probably because i had help. i merely piled shit on the bed, and dunc stuffed it into my big transrockies duffle bag! sweet! i was done by 8pm - a new record for me for sure!!

we even had space left over . . .

it was an early start the next day - up at 4 and to the airport for 5 - good gawd! and of course i forgot to get the address of where i was staying for stoopid customs, so we had to frantically try and find one for the cabin. thanks again dunc ! made it through with minimal aggravation, and managed to survive the 3 flights - toronto to cleveland to seattle to juneau. here's a shot as we flew into juneau . . .

i met up with most of the crew at the airport. jason - affectionately to become known as potty mouth - immediately dissed me for having packed so much shit, and john concurred with an audible 'nice' - gee, thanks guys! steph, from fairbanks, had arrived at some ridiculous time like 9 in the morning, so pretty much had toured the entire city. she got us all organized and into taxis and had us driven out to the mendenhall glacier - the first of many many amazing sights.

me and john, from ohio, in front of the waterfall - i forgave him for dissing me, and he eventually became one of my roomies, along with steph.

the mendenhall glacier . . .

after putzing around there for an hour or so, we got back to the airport and waited for geoff to come and pick us up. once in the van, the first stop was to the beer store so the guys could stock up on beverages. finally we arrived at the cabin - ohmygawd ! this was the view from the deck - i don't think i need to say anymore . . .

we met geoff's girlfriend, carle, got our rooms sorted out and had some dinner - homemade soup and salads. by 10:00, most of us headed up to bed - and yes, it was still really light out!!


  1. more! need more! Looks FAB. Envy, envy, envy.........

  2. OMG this is going to be like pulling teeth. "Waited for Geoff to come and pick us up. once in the van,...", come on weren't you excited to meet Geoff? A bit awe struck? Did you babble?;-)

  3. Want to read more!! I hope you don't keep us waiting too long. That view is shockingly nice.

  4. C' have been back for a week. We need much more than this little teaser & way more pix.

  5. LOOK! if sympatico didn't suck so fucking bad i would have had all the pics loaded and been able to post by now. but they do suck bad and i haven't even got half of them on yet. and then i had day 1 all done, was just trying to paste a video link to finish, and i wiped out the entire post. i am furious and i am an idiot! i have to start all over! argh!!!

    stoopid dora !!!

  6. Beautiful! So far, I love the shot from the deck the best.

  7. Amazing shots! Looking forward to more.

    And, yes....Bell sucks!

  8. Dora Lynn...Amazing pix. Sure makes me want to get my Pylon ass out there.
    Keep the pix & captions coming, I'm sure all followers are really envious.