Friday, April 29, 2011

quiet week

so after another long run on sunday - 3:25 - up k2, up and up the dingle, and almost over to hwy 9 - followed by a soak in the pond - i'm starting a slight taper for bear mountain next weekend. the thought of running 50 miles isn't too bad, it's the logistics of getting to new york, getting to the north face store in NEW YORK CITY to get my race kit, getting to the shuttles by 4am and finally getting to the start line for 5am! yack! i'm used to having my pylons telling me what to do - you know - what to wear and what time to be ready ! yack! so i'm already starting to freak out, and my friends are already starting to laugh at me freaking out!

here's a pic of the pond . . .

and another shot from last sunday - love the sky!

trilliums are up in palgrave - just not quite open yet!

good week at crossfit - my body is trashed! did a bunch of ring dips, maxed my hang power clean at 110#, did a bunch of deadlifts at 190#, tied my power clean at 110#, and did a bunch of burpees and sit-ups. i'm sore all over!


  1. You did all that at crossfit? I thought you were tapering. When I taper I go all out and I'm only running 5km.

    I so get the relying on others to get you places thing. I never know where I am going and am happy to let all the planning fall on other peoples shoulders. Then one day my daughter and I were heading to Florida alone via the Syracuse Airport. As I was backing out the driveway of our house I turned to the 10 year old in the back seat and said, "Do you know how to get to the airport?". True story; ) Good Luck at your race in New York and working out the logistics by yourself. You can do it; )

  2. hay EJ - that IS tapering! coach spaff is probably having a fit! and i am so lost without my pylons! i'm also thinking the two of us should never go anywhere together without supervision!!!

    thanks digger! wish you were coming with me!