Monday, April 18, 2011

i'm a certified crossfit endurance trainer now !!

spent saturday and sunday at crossfit newmarket central getting my crossfit endurance certification. thanks to ryan and michelle for hosting a great event, and to max wunderle who did a fantastic job of getting all the material through my thick skull ! so if anybody wants to be my guinea pig, i'd love to throw a schedule together for you.

goofy shot from our latest trip to mec - love this comment from andrea . . .

Looks like a bag of know for the chickens...yes officer grain for the chickens oh what do you mean this isn't the co-op?

shot from the beaver pond while riding a couple of sundays back . . .

we had a week of half-decent weather too - good enough for a few days of chillin at the treehouse!

friday night club was all about fedon! what a machine! did 2 miles running AND 500m of 225# prowler push - all while wearing a 40# vest! holy crap!

and i'm pretty sure i didn't do burpees, but here's proof that i actually do them!

oh, and i just realized that me and andrea will be heading south of 7 in just over 2 weeks to do the north face endurance challenge 50 miler at bear mountain in new york! argh!! what the fuck was i thinking!

OH! one more thing - monster congrats to coach spaff who WON the 52k at seaton on saturday! you can read his race report here !


  1. That's great, congrats on the certification!

  2. So happy for you. Makes me want to get "Certified" in something too.

  3. thanks chris - and great job at seaton!! sounds like it was a nightmare and can't believe you got as far as you did! amazing!

  4. thanks ej ! and aren't we all certifiable in something . . .