Saturday, April 9, 2011

jeepers peepers . . .

what a saweet day for a run on saturday! headed out just after 10 from humber station and made my way north. after 2 and a half hours i hit the hockley crest side trail at the tai chi centre.

love this little gate . . .

lots of people out on the trail today. got this shot of the enchanted forest just before the 5th line.

and check it out - still a mound of snow just before the lookout . . .

and by this big old log . . .

bee-ootiful . . .

did my last few minutes to 'long tall sally' - wicked song ! finished up a solid 5 hours feeling pretty tired, but not totally messed up!

coach spaff suggested i do an ice bath if possible after the run to aid in recovery. well, the treehouse doesn't HAVE a bathtub, so as i was driving through palgrave i spotted the big pond off of hwy 50 - hmmmmm - why not? i parked in the lot and wandered down to the edge of the water. sporting my 'homeless person hat', i hiked up my shorts and carefully walked in. FUCK! i lasted all of a minute before my calves started to cramp and i couldn't stand it anymore. okay, let's try again, the second time won't be as bad . . . FUCK! now my quads were cramping ! i stood in the water for another minute, yelling out loud, wearing my 'homeless person hat', and with my shorts hiked up, as tons of cars drove by. leslie would have been impressed!! okay, ENOUGH, i'm done! as i was walking back up to my car, with my 'homeless person hat, my hiked up shorts, and my now 'beet-red' legs, buddy with the kayak goes, 'ya know there's still ice on the pond . . .' gee - thanks!

and spring is officially here - i heard the peeper frogs last night for the first time!!! yahoo!!


  1. Way to go Kendra!! You're awesome!

  2. thanks lovely! earned my sb donuts for sure!

  3. Congratulations getting that one in. I am sure the legs thanked you later for the ice bath.

  4. thanks ej ! and they actually did feel pretty good today!