Wednesday, April 6, 2011

first day with the new camera

so my friend liz'bet helped me get a new camera - a canon powershot something or other. i decided to take it on my 'hill repeats' run up k2 today. all was going well until i tried to do the self-timer thingy - i set it up, put it on a log, hit the button, started to run towards the bench when it fell smack into the deepest chunk of snow within 3 miles - FUCK ! screw the timer shot, i'll just get one the old fashioned way . . .

not to be defeated, when i got back to my car i tried the timer thingy again. FUCK - too close!

one more try - FUCK - too far away!

to hell with it - i'm going home - i'm hungry - but thanks sweetie - i will figure it out eventually !!
stoopid contraptions designed to make my life difficult !!


  1. Holy crap if I had those legs I would never wear pants. Trophys of all those 3hour plus runs for sure.

    Funny about the camera.

  2. ahaha! thanks ej - and if you look closer, you'll see the trophies of all the wipe-outs i've had too !