Sunday, May 1, 2011

hurray hurray, it's the first of may . . .

'outdoor fucking begins today' . . .

hahaha! i still remember jim kerfoot from my university of ottawa days, and how he'd wait excitedly every spring to recite this poem. i also adopted the tradition, and have been reading it out to others come may 1st!

a little slow with the fnc picture this week, so we improvised. thanks to kat for the artwork!

did an easy hour and a half in palgrave on saturday morning. went out around 8:30 and the forest was bee-ootiful! great shot of a goose trying to ignore me on one of the ponds.

being a goof!

wild phlox

'walt disney' mushrooms !

being a goof again!

my favorite sister and 'the benster' were at my mom's in peterborough, so after the run i headed in there for a visit. we would NEVER have been allowed to do this when we were little!

the benster showing me how he can cross his toes ! what a maroon !

'no auntie, i don't want my picture taken' . . .

and a big big big happy birthday to the captain !

love you cap !

'long may you run'

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