Thursday, May 19, 2011

recovery week . . .

so i didn't do much last week. couple of bike rides and some crossfit. i was tired! friday i took miss liz'bet out hiking on the south section of the humber valley trail. and even after making her climb this . . .

she was still smiling!! atta girl - you're amazing!

it was good to be back at friday night club - i'd missed last week with being in new york and all. nice hairy boob fedon!

first day back on the trails was monday. did the humber and felt like shit. water was pretty high by the boy scout bridge . . .

thankfully, wednesday's run was way way better! legs felt great! must have been the new sox!

and now the long weekend is almost here! bestest news is finding out that dave and tone are close by! must make a trip over to bellwood for some gay lovin . . . CAN'T WAIT!!


  1. Way to go Elizabeth! I should get out and climb some muddy hills myself. Nothing like having a coach there to help us accomplish things we never thought we could. I use to curse my trainer under my breath at strength class. She would chuckle but I thought it just wasn't right so now when I want to curse her I instead say, "Thank-you", because I am thankful to have her there as I am sure your clients are also.

  2. hay ej! when elizabeth first started with me, she could barely do a squat. now we have her running 5k! she's amazing!

  3. Had I fallen there would have been some choice words. I am very blessed to have kendra for a coach to get my ass in gear. As I never thought in a million years I could run 5 km, and enjoy it. CRAZY . She gets sooo exicted when I come in with a Do you think I could do this, or get to this point.

    My latest thing is , how about kick boxing, she justs smiles and off she went to plan a new workout for me. Luv ya kendra, have a great day today with the boys and I look forward to my next adventure with you outside in nature.

  4. thanks sweetie! and how many days till africa ???!!!