Saturday, May 28, 2011

the prowler

yeehaw! finally got to use the prowler last weekend! what a great workout! i figure pushing this around, with the 20lb vest, will get me ready for any hill/mountain i may want to conquer this summer!!!

i combined that with a shit-load of ghd's - see below diabolical sit-up bench - for an all around below the neck ache!

friday night club was busy again! lots and lots of front squats . . .

after a bit of procrastination saturday morning, i finally got my arse out on the trail for a 2+ hour run. took off from humber station, and after running up and up the dingle, came across a few pylons . . . hay, wait a minute - who's the new chick? am i being replaced !??? wtf ??!!

got a great shot of one of my fave spots - the haunted forest by the gore - everything was so green!

tried to get an underneath shot of christine's apple-pee-tree blossoms, but it didn't really turn out.

and just as i'm getting back to my car, who do i see creeping up the side road! bonnie and clyde, aka paul, aka ralph, and nora, with c2 in tow. they were planning on leaving another note, but i caught them in the act !!!

they did mention that the cowboy cookies at the hockley general store were bigger than ever this year, so i think i might make a trip over there tomorrow after my run. mmmmmmm! forbidden cookies . . .

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