Wednesday, September 1, 2010

day four

camp hale to red cliff - 14 miles - 3060 feet elevation - basically, runners go up, runners go down. nice thing is, they took out a big, long, evil dirt road downhill section and substituted some sweet single track! it was lovely ! lot easier on the quads for sure! started off the uphill feeling like lead, but got my climbing legs after about an hour. feeling spec, i tried a small sprint and almost passed out !! leslie and i had a good laugh over that one !!
here's a great shot from the top . . .

special guest runner for the day was kevin, more affectionately known as houda ! one of the race organizers and hugely responsible for keeping everything on track. this guy is hilarious! was arrested at last year's TRR for being drunk and disorderly. typical hockey player, and, those nice strong legs sure helped him hammer the climbs. the last i saw of him this year was at the banquet walking around with 3 beer in his hands (and i'm not exaggerating).

i was dreading the half mile we had to run through the creek - remembering it from 2008. poor leslie had to listen to me bitch - before we even got there. luckily, and for whatever reason, it wasn't near as bad, so my feet were able to thaw out after only a couple of minutes this time!

couple more shots from the creek - not sure whether i was coming . . .

or going . . .

another great shot of our view on the way down. i think this is close to the finish, but i can't remember !! stoopid old-brained dora . . .

we made it to the finish line in 3:26. good day of running. followed our freeeeezing creek soak with a massive bacon, avocado cheeseburger at the green mango while waiting for leslie's husband keith and GORE supa'star cynthia to come in - they had walked the course and had a fantastic time !!!

and totally unrelated to TRR, but before i forget, i'd like to mention one of my most inspirational friends. his name is scott and he just completed an ironman on the weekend. take the time to read his story. it'll make you cry, and it'll make you believe you can do anything.
love you scott !

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  1. Just read scotts story SK - thanks!
    The booton