Saturday, September 18, 2010

free hugs

so because of my stoopidity at having dropped a barbell on my foot, i haven't been able to run all week. ask me how crabby i am . . . coach 'd' got me to do a 30 minute tempo on my bike - and that almost killed me MORE than the tempo i did previously while running! man i suck on the bike this year!! BUT !!! look what i got in the mail on friday !! freddie of team knucklehead fame from TRR 2008, and partner of the infamous georgie - SHUT UP - labelled me 'the hugger', and just HAD to send me this . . .

and so natch i had to wear it to our 'friday night club' at crossfit. we named it that on account of a bunch of us have nothing better to do on a friday - not that that's a bad thing! unfortunately, our ring leader, the soon-to-be-lycra-clad LUCA didn't make it - something about his car being in pieces in the garage ??!!! this is a shot of us AFTER dillon made me do 100 pullups, 150 pushups, 200 situps and 250 squats !!! argh!

and so like i said, no running for me this weekend. instead, i decided to ride up st. andrews and over to hockley. wait a minute, is that the general store . . . gee, i just might have to stop and get a coffee . . . and a cowboy cookie . . .

it was a beauty day for a ride, and i really enjoyed being out by myself. the colors are just starting, and i know it's evil to a lot of people, but the golden rod is gorgeous. check out this shot i took on the gore.

and the highlight - these two little dudes on the road to connor just north of hwy 9 !!!

so despite not being able to get in a long run, i had a great day!

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