Tuesday, September 14, 2010

enough already !!!!!

well, the big five ohhh has come and gone. thank pete ! everyone EXCEPT me seemed to think it was a big deal - to me, it's just another day. a lot of people seemed to think i had to 'do something special' . . . hmmmm, let's see, if i really consider it, i say i've already DONE a lot of really kool things this year. like - visiting georgie in texas and running 80 miles, like - going to tennesse with my favorite pylons and running the mountains of chattanooga for 3 days. like - starting up a trail group and seeing how fit all my little dirties have become. like - being introduced to the mighty alex and going crazy with my latest obsession - crossfit. like going sky diving with my friends michael and little miss betty. like - going back to colorado to run the transrockies with my bitchin friend leslie on REALLY short notice. like - getting a sunflower tattooed on my shoulder. so ya, sounds pretty sweet to me !
BUT i must get one 'little' thing off my chest before i go any further. i truly think my clients were out to get me this year. over the span of 5 days, i received - and consumed - the following . . .
  • 4 chocolate bars of assorted flavor
  • 2 shortbread chocolate chunk cookies
  • one bag of chocolate covered cranberries
  • 21 sour cream glazed timbits (okay, i bought those - but derrick said i could!)
  • one dairy queen ice cream cake - which the pickle helped me eat
  • one wendy's triple cheeseburger and fries - moose's fault
  • one VERY LARGE brownie reeses peanut butter milk chocolate chip cheesecake
  • a dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
  • 3 pieces of peanut butter chocolate cream pie

and yes digger, it's all true. kick me off the primal wagon - for i have sinned beyond forgiveness!

anyways, enough on that. check out the pic below - this is what your foot might look like IF you drop a 45lb barbell on it . . .

i am such a loser !

and finally, you all know how i LOVE getting stuff in the mail . . . well check out what i got from derrick today!!! and check out how he addressed it . . .


thanks D - LOVE the shirt !!! you rock !!!

and finally, let's all take a moment to remember matt. it was a year ago, on my birthday, that he died. i hope you all did a little run in his memory. keep exploring the trails my friend, wherever your spirit takes you.


  1. Ouch, that looks painful. Hopefully nothing's broken.
    No problem with all the treats,Dora. You fall off the wagon, you just get back on again.You have been doing a great job.
    Better get yourself some podium shoes for the 50-54 age category!

    *one wendy's triple cheeseburger and fries...MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm....Cheese..............

  2. Kendra! I just realized I can post a comment! Technology and I never really got along but we're working through it....

    I am very impressed with your list of treats! What is a peanut butter chocolate cream cake?! That is something I gotta try!

    Here is my list from Sunday:
    -french toast for breakfast with butter flavour syrup
    -a blueberry fritter (omg heaven!!!!)
    -2 ice cream sandwiches
    -a Harvey's combo with a hotdog, fries and a coke
    -lemon cookies (about 4)
    -an Oh Henry bar
    -dinner at an italian restaurant that included bread, gnocchi, and pizza
    -pumpkin pie

    It was really fun but its no wonder I felt sick in the middle of the night!!!!!

    After all of that my organic yogurt and chicken breast lunch felt really good!


  3. holy crap lia ! i thought i was the only one who could eat that much! i am humbled my friend!!