Thursday, September 2, 2010

stage 5

red cliff to vail - total of 22.8 miles and 5500 feet climbing. another beauty day as leslie and i headed up yet another mountain ! damn we're getting good at these! check out the pic of max king - leader and eventual winner in the mens' open category ! guess when you're that fast you can get away with it! and totally prefer this outfit to the guy with the white spandex waffle knickers - eep !

les taking a pic of me taking a pic of les . . .

funny story of the day - when we got to the top of vail, we spotted a load of 'fat tourists' heading onto a shuttle bus. a couple of them asked if 'we were last' . . . hmmm - they definitely deserve 'the ass'. so as their bus passed by us we dropped our shorts and howled as the bus driver slowed down and let them take pics! even funnier though, when we finished the stage, and were soaking in the creek, the same load of tourists, having made their way back down the mountain, met up with us while standing on the bridge over the creek. they were laughing and making comments like they didn't recognize us with our shorts on . . . too much!

saweet shot from the top of vail . . .

'top of the world'

so day 5 turned out to be the longest, with a running time of 5:52. but you know, it was probably the easiest and my most favorite. thanks again leslie for making it so !!!

finished off the day with an amazing feast of bbq'd steak, big mushrooms, grilled veggies and monster chocolate chip cookies. TR sure knows how to spoil a girl !!!

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