Sunday, September 26, 2010

at least i can still bike . . .

running didn't seem to be part of the plan for my body this week, so i had to keep riding. luckily the weather's staying sweet, and the colors are keeping me entertained! i've even had to resort to the dreaded elliptical a couple of times, as per coach spaff. just imagine the comments i got while trying not to get distracted and fall off one of those blasted pieces of equipment! spaff said i should attach a sign that reads 'the only reason i'm on this stoopid thing is because spaff says'. anyways, that said, i must admit i had a couple of beauty rides. saturday i headed up old baseline past the badlands and over to belfountain. got rained on a few times, but nothing my new 'gore bike' jacket couldn't handle !! ended up coming down st andrews and harassing a couple of golfers on 'the pulpit'. managed to put in around 80k in 3 and a half hours. i know, it's slow, but i had fun ! here are a few shots from saturday . . .

sunday i rode into bolton for crossfit. good group out today. me, jenn and dino did deadlifts, burpees, pushups and squats - 70 total. seemed to really trash the legs! then got back on the giant and rode over to boston mills for a little extra mileage. again, great day to ride and got in another 60k! here's a couple shots from the south end of st andrews.

and so here's hoping i can get back on the trails this week - either that or i'm going to kill somebody !!!!!!

i know, i know, patience grasshopper !


  1. Those pictures are beautiful!! Be patient, you'll be all healed up in no time. When I had my back injury I could only go on bike rides too and it led me to the most beautiful places; it looks like you've been granted the same opportunity!