Saturday, September 11, 2010

one more day . . .

yeehaw! got our new crossfit shirts last night (only after 80 reps of assorted madness with the olympic bar and 68 burpees - thanks dillon !) check 'em out

went running in hilton falls with a few of the pylons today. as usual, only saw the captain, cy and robbie at the start, and for the first 10 minutes - stoopid slow dora ! homey felt sorry for me and plodded along keeping me company. here i am goofing around on the limestone - man what a technical place to run !

homey and me taking a 5'er by the golf course . . .

homey by the quarry bridge

and hahaha - look what i got from the captain, digger and cy !!! adore the wrapping and the cinderella card! thanks guys - i luvs ya !!

talk about luck . . . can you BELIEVE someone was actually going to throw these out !!??? i mean, they're HOMER slippers! c'mon !! super score for dora !!

and so as mentioned, i've enlisted the services of derrick spafford to try and get me back on track with the running. he had me do a 20min tempo run on wednesday and that almost killed me. and then an easy recovery hour on thursday. went up across humber station and the gore and managed to catch a pic of this guy amongst the golden rod.

but the main reason i like this guy, is he recommended i consume 50 sour cream timbits to celebrate my birthday on sunday. how kool is THAT !!??

'life is good'

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  1. Just remind him you're 50+ and training for Bobcat, not the Olympics.At your age,you need your recovery days.
    Nice score on the Homer slippers!
    Hope this helps.