Sunday, August 29, 2010

stage three

leadville to camp hale - 24.3 miles - total elevation 2930 feet.

i forgot to mention, when i first got to colorado, and started meeting people, they were horrified when they saw my hands. 'what's that from - trekking poles?' um, no, GI Jane . . . 'what's that??' um, a pull-up followed by a burpee - and you do it 100 times. it's crossfit . . . 'oh, you know that's a cult thing, don't you???'

anyways, day 3 was long, but again, outstanding. i thought my legs would cack on the big downhill, but they still came through with no grief ! here's 'another' shot of leslie goofing around - did i mention she was a great partner . . .

being silly - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

kylie and roger from south africa - super sweet couple we managed to run with every day.

heading out on some single track . . .

so another solid day. finished it off in 5:31 - little bit of sufferage, but still feeling good ! chilly soak in the creek at camp hale to calm down the legs. spent an hour or so sitting around the campfire listening to buddy play the guitar. life is good !

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