Sunday, August 29, 2010

stage two . . .

vicksburg to twin lakes - again, they lengthened this one from 10 miles in 2008, to 13.5 miles. the climb up hope pass was the same but didn't seem as bad this time. here's a saweet view from 12,600 feet up !

here's a saweet view of matt - a TR3 solo racer . . .

and here's an even better view . . . (bad dora)

great shot of me and leslie at the top ! bee-oo-tiful for sure !

and this lovely lady is jean - she was on the course everyday supporting all the runners. we knew we were close when we'd hear the cow bells ringing us in !! check out the abrasion on my leg. this happened, not on the technical downhill, but as a result of 'JRA' - or 'just runnin along' as leslie called it. stoopid dora !

another shot of me and leslie having a grrrreat time !

and look who i found at the finish line - ali's friend kim ! through a series of goofy coincidences and toronto marathon logos and sinister7 tattoos, we figured out who each other was !

and so we survived another day! run time was 3:39 and total elevation was around 3600 feet. managed yet again to find a creek to soak in. legs still doing great!

and funny story of the day - each night, they elect a team as 'king and queen' of the transrockies. cynthia from GORE got up at the awards after dinner, and started talking about this husband and wife who had planned on running together, but he got injured, and she threw out an email last minute to try and find a partner, and someone came forward with just 3 days to spare, and this someone hadn't trained at all. hahaha! so guess who won ?? and guess who got coined, 'the person who got up off the couch to run the transrockies' ???? wild ! and the best part - the prize was a gore bike jacket !


  1. Great jacket, tough girl! You deserve it! It was a pleasure to meet and run with you. You are such an inspiration, and a joy to be around. Hope we can run together again!

  2. hay! i agree! it was sooo good to meet you! anytime you want to come up for a run just let me know. and lotsa luck at haliburton!!