Friday, August 20, 2010

chance in hell . . .

check out 'phase one' of my sunflower ! color to be added in 2 weeks ! big thanks to glen at art addictions for an incredible job so far !

AND THEN, on wednesday, i get this email from my friend leslie - who i met at the transrockies run in 2008.

''Yo, any chance of a free-lovin'-free-runnin'-free-wheelin'-ultra chick like you coming to run TransRockies? Serious! Now all you have to do is figure out how to get to Colorado to start a race this Sunday and take a week off work. Any chance in hell?''

hmmmm. let's see. if i can transfer my highly anticipated crossfit endurance course this weekend, without losing my $700. . . if i can book a flight that won't cost me a fortune . . . if i can get 'the week off work' - ha, like my clients will complain about that - well actually, 3 of them did ! it's getting better - used to just be 'the pugh' who got irritated ! if i can arrange shuttles to and from denver to the race start/finish . . .

and so, it's friday afternoon, and all of the above have been completed !!! incredible! i'm leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30 and will hopefully meet up with leslie and keith at the super8 motel in buena vista by tomorrow evening. stage 1 starts sunday morning! and you all know what that means . . . 'i'm going crazy right now!!' and instead of packing, i'm typing on my computer !! hahahahahahaha!

and most of all, i'm trying not to think about the fact that my last long training run was a 3 day/60 miler in tennesee in june . . .

ARGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Holy Cow! I thought you were going for some R&R!

  2. Does this mean you're out for the Pylon Run on Tuesday?