Saturday, August 14, 2010

stickers and 'i love saturdays'

got up early, well, kinda early, and went for a run on the palgrave sidetrail. hit the top of k2 and decided to go up and up the dingle. and yes, it is still uphill both ways. temp wasn't TOO bad, but the air was pretty thick. stoopid hoomidity - MAKE IT STOP ! on the way back, i thought it would be amusing to grab a pic by this 'partial chair' just past the haunted forest near the gore.

AND, when i got to my car, i noticed the notorious note leaving couple from tottenham had struck again ! THIS time trying to blame their dog . . .

speaking of my car, i've started accumulating some new stickers !

drove into bolton for some crossfit - big class today. the lovely lia had us do power cleans and running. guess it tired her out watching us kill ourselves . . .

she wasn't the only one . . . (jay, lisa, sonia and jo worked it pretty good too)

wicked shot of dino

love this couple !

still not satisfied, i got on the misfit and rode to tottenham for a root beer. managed to get in another couple of hours. finally finished the day off with ice cream from caledon and homemade burgers courtesy of the moose. mmmmmmm !

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