Tuesday, August 17, 2010

demi moore sucks !

okay, this is the WORST i've done my hands so far. cause - tuesday WOD - GI jane - 100 pullups/burpees. i KNEW i hated that stoopid movie for a reason . . .

i couldn't even get my bike gloves on for the ride back to the treehouse, and every little bump on the road made me cringe.

looking forward to this weekend. taking a crossfit endurance course in milton - should be great!

and thankfully it's so much cooler now. lovin the chilly mornings - even had to put on a hoodie today! check out this pic from the sky on sunday night, just before the power went out - FOR 5 HOURS - leaving me and the moose with no fan and no running water! arghhhh!


  1. Ouch! hope the down time is short.

  2. OK- I said "My hands used to look like that all the time when I was a teenager",

    but I should have added "As an alterboy, I used to ring the church bells for hours on Sunday"!