Saturday, July 3, 2010

miss liz'bet

i believe it was about 5 years ago when i first was approached by my friend liz'bet for personal training. like her mother, who i love dearly, she hated exercise - any and all exercise. but she knew she had to make a few changes in her life, and this was one of them. for the first year it was rough. if i had a dollar for every session she missed, i'd be rich. wait a minute - i DID make her pay me - so what went wrong???!!! i was lucky if i could get her on the treadmill for more than 5 minutes, and don't even think about getting her to sweat !
fortunately for her, i am very stubborn, and would not give up. i even dragged her out of bed a couple times!!! after weeks/months of struggle, she finally almost nearly started to kind of like it. and on september 25th, 2008, i actually got her to try 30 second intervals on the dreaded treadmill. she managed 10 of them !!! we slowly built them up and she gained confidence in herself.
this spring, she asked if i thought she could run a 5k. why not ?? so we looked at a few in the fall and got to work. and here's the best part - on thursday we hit the rail trail, and doing 8 minute run intervals with 2 minute walk breaks, miss liz'bet completed 5k!!! how kool is that!?

way to go sweetie!!! you're amazing!!! come september it'll be easy.

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