Wednesday, July 14, 2010

gotta get me a vest

so i thought i'd try a workout from the crossfit endurance site today. it called for wearing a 20lb vest, and doing 3 sets of 200, 400 and 600m intervals. sounds simple enough. so let's see, from the end of the driveway, to this piece of dog shit, is 100m.

and i don't have a vest, so why don't i just throw a couple of 10lb dumbbells into a backpack. crap - that jiggles around too much !!

plan b - i'll try one of these big suckers instead. owww - that's taking chunks out of my lower back !

plan c - i'll just run with the stoopid thing in my hand, and switch everytime my arm gets tired !!

that more or less worked, and i did the workout in just under 45 minutes. miss lillian was watching from the deck, and pretty much decided that i was out of my mind !!!

so like i said - gotta get me a vest !

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