Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the first time i saw kristy was on march 17, 2006 - and now that i know her better, i'm surprised she showed up, as it was st. patrick's day, and she loves beer !!! i saw her as somewhat overweight, but determined to get thinner - she had lost 30lbs up to this point. i had her try a few things, and asked if she could do push-ups. 'sure, i used to play hockey, i can do push-ups.' the poor thing tried one and pretty much collapsed on the mat. we had our work cut out for us. she had a really bad habit of putting herself down, so i made her do those dreaded push-ups everytime something negative came out of her mouth. she eventually got really good at them, and improved her attitude towards herself. and i know she hated exercising, because for the first few months, she would come up with every excuse in the book not to show up for our sessions - it's too hot, it's too snowy, i had to let the dogs out . . .

here are a couple of pics of her round about the time we started training.

we got to know each other pretty well, and a couple of things i won't forget is her undying love for the maple leafs and how crazy she was over bryan adams.

after a couple of years, her weight loss was substantial, but we seemed to be stuck at a certain number. so i bet her that if she quit drinking beer, she'd lose more weight. she was up for the challenge, but i think it just about killed her! at the end of the month, she had lost SIXTEEN POUNDS. 'good grief' i asked, 'how much do you drink??!!' she just laughed !

this spring, i had her and her sweet sister erin out on the trail doing hill repeats and squats (and more push-ups) i think it just about killed both of them but they were amazing !!!!

and, unfortunately for me, kristy decided to up and move to the big city -leaving b'town behind her. she stayed with me for a little longer, but finally made up her mind that it was just too hot to train outside, and that she was really tired of the gym. that and she was bored with the drive to bolton. i totally understand all this, but i will really miss her. we had so much fun on monday nights, laughing at all the wankers. my wish is that we remain friends and never lose touch. oh, and by the way, her final weight loss was over 100 lbs. you are beautiful !

so be safe darlin, and be happy! i love ya.

and this is for you . . .

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