Saturday, July 24, 2010

congratulations nick roberts - you are an ironman !

okay, the stoopid hoomidity can leave anytime now . . .

argh! ran up and up the dingle on thursday. actually felt pretty good, despite how fucking hot it was ! while i was dicking around with my camera in the creek, i saw something that looked like a weasle, or a mink - seriously ! just couldn't get the picture as i was slipping in the water. stoopid dora !!!

wasn't paying attention thursday at crossfit when alex put the wod on the board and asked if i wanted to do the first one. DOH! should have looked before i agreed. stoopid pull-ups and kettlebell swings !

friday when i went in, i saw we had to do about a thousand back squats. i told alex i was running in the morning. he asked if it was a race. i said no, just a training run. he said, 'too bad, you're squatting.' nice ! so this pic is actually of me doing deadlifts, but i kinda like it . . .

met homey and vents at 6:15 for our run. oh good god my legs were stiff. the first small hill just about killed me. stoopid squats ! and it was SO hot - the hoomidity was nasty and it felt like we were breathing water. after about 30 minutes we had swamp ass. yuck ! here's a great pic of a bunch of ferns we noticed while procrastinating about getting going again on centerville creek.

then we noticed this poor little dude flattened on the gore who 'almost made it'. a case of frogger gone bad . . .

and finally, this just in ! the beaver has finished his first ironman - lake placid ! swim time 1:33:25 - bike time 6:26:41 - run time 3:43.

TOTAL 11:59:44

now you can get the tattoo . . .


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