Saturday, July 10, 2010

sled drags

after running almost 7 miles on the humber friday evening, i headed into bolton for crossfit. my shoulders were a little dodgy from all the upper body stuff i'd done this week, so i asked the mighty alex to spare them, and trash my legs instead. be careful what you ask for. first of all, he had me put on a 20lb vest. then he wrote this totally dirty workout on 'the board' for me and tony.

run a mile

drag a sled, forwards, weighing 110lbs, for 36m, across the parking lot. (tony had to do 135lbs)

drag above sled across the parking lot, backwards.

repeat each direction 6 times.

run another mile.

yesssssssss !!!

i think i should do this once a week . . .
alex thinks we should wear the vests out on the trail . . .
i think we should wear the vests out on the trail and do hill repeats . . .

what could go wrong?????

check out the 'future crossfitter' in training. this is alex's little guy, lucas doing a pull-up !

and i just had to get a pic of this bunch of black-eyed suzies on the rail trail ! love these flowers !

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