Saturday, July 31, 2010


went to brampton today with the booton so he could see about getting some new ink. visited our buddy glen at art addictions and of course as soon as i walk into that place i want another tattoo. ended up making an appointment for august 19th and was thinking of this . . .

check out this cool pic of 'the tony' in moab.


  1. Tony! Gonna see him next week for a bike tune up, new chain, saddle pouch, hammer gel,tire pump, etc. etc.

  2. i invited him to the next pylon run, but i think he has to work.

  3. totally love the white gloves and shoes! It's not a road ride it's a mtbh ride tony!!! Pass that on SK fucker needs to learn how to dress, ha, ha. Come to think of it I'll just call him.
    the booton

  4. the sunflower works but I'm not sure you should cover your whole back with it! Hee, hee, leave some room for my initials!