Friday, June 25, 2010

back to business

got back to crossfit on wednesday after a week off and made the mistake of telling the mighty alex my abs felt flabby. as a result - 180 situps that day, and then 150 more on friday. they're still sore! and remember me whining about all those pull-ups . . . well here's a pic of me finally doing a real one. (note the lack of a box underneath me)

went for a run in hockley with homey on thursday. legs still trashed from tennessee - had to walk the hills.

better luck on sunday. hit the palgrave sidetrail with homey and vents - up to the top of k2 from humber station. homey had a nice trip/splat on the way back. no contusions, just mud smears.

check out this mailbox on the gore!! ah haaaaaaa

post-run ice cream - 3 scoops ! mmmmmmmmmmm !!

and finally, a big happy 4th birthday to my favorite little redheaded nephew ben ! son of my very most favorite sister !!!

'life is good'

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