Friday, June 4, 2010

runnin in the rain

last wednesday, 4 members of my trailfit group braved the torrential downpour to run and workout on the humber valley. little sharon was decked out in her ducky raincoat and even managed a few quacks en route to the hill. andrea showed up just because her family said she was 'nuts to do so' and came carrying a patriotic red and white umbrella. vents, used to running in just about anything, especially after last years' fiasco at 'pick your poison', had no qualms about joining us. and after a bit of persuasion, miss elizabeth ventured out of her car and quite handily ran through the 3 inches of water sitting on the trail. we had to improvise a little, but managed to get the job done. and despite us thinking that it was 'letting up a little', it never really stopped until we got home!
super job you guys - i was totally impressed !!!!

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