Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 friends who inspire me

spotted these lady's slippers on the side of the road while heading over to tottenham on the misfit saturday. pretty cool, as i understand they're not that common.

went riding with andrea on her son's creaking/squeaking/self-changing kona on sunday. i'm hoping she asks for her own bike for her upcoming birthday! and check out that '50lb skinnier butt' - very nice girl !

saw these little dudes by the beaver damn .

i had 3 friends do incredible things over the weekend. first mention goes to the ageless bodi who ran her first marathon in ottawa. she clobbered the course in 6 hours and 13 minutes, AND, she won the 70-74 age category ! YES, i said 70 -74. so whoever thinks it's too late, or they're too old to start running - i say - NEVER ! and i might add, that she may have been a little motivated to do so by her ultra-handsome husband chris - father hen - who also walked the same marathon when he turned 70. what an amazing couple, and i love them both!!

second mention goes to my friend michael who also ran the ottawa marathon in a time of 4:33. michael is vision impaired and has to run with a guide. i recently got an email from him and i'd like to just mention a couple things he said that show how incredible he is.

'thankfully, i've managed over time to find adventure and humour in every one of these new life challenges. there are still occasional punches to the gut that come unexpectedly ... when you mistakenly get a swig of heinz ketchup because you thought you were grabbing your beer bottle from the pub table. finding meaning in vision loss had only been possible by turning my disability into a lifetime opportunity.'

and i write this with tears in my eyes.

and finally, my hardcore friend kim. she had the shitty luck of being disqualified at ironman brazil in 2009 for failing to go around one of the markers (although she did actually backtrack and do it) and was not allowed to finish. so in true 'tuff chick' style, she went back this year, completed it, ripped off a time of 10:30, AND, managed to come first in her age category! waytogo nelson - you're over the top!! just shows you don't let something get the best of you, no matter how long it takes!!!

and so, hopefully these friends of mine will stir up a little something in all of you and make you go out and try something you never thought you could !!!

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