Friday, June 11, 2010

so i get these emails last week . . .

the first from digger

" hi dora, i met a guy running in the ravine today that knows you. he let me go ahead, but i couldn't drop him and he'd already been running for 3 hours. ..... we ran for 1.5 hours together, i was dying at the end."

and then i get one from my sexy running friend ali

"so i bumped into digger in the ravine and we ran together for over an hour before i headed home. why did he think i needed to run hard when i was already nearly 4 hours into my run. the bugger, hope he hurts tomorrow."

and i after forwarding above email to digger, i get this

"haha, i'm already sore." stoopid digger !

ali is training for the ultimate xc 56k in mont tremblant on june 26. can't wait to see how that turns out!!!!

finally got to see a couple friends try rope climbing at crossfit today. above is the adorable adam playing spiderman.

and this is lia - she's amazing! i use 'her' weight when the workout prescribes doing something at 'my' bodyweight . . .

adam and russo relaxin after a particularly nasty WOD.

me relaxin after my WOD - 80 pull-ups - done - not pretty - but done !

lovin the lady who makes me my latte after a long ride home!!! saweeeet !


  1. Hey Dora;
    I bet you didn't know that in 1972 I held the rope climbing record in Lakefield for about 20 seconds.They had the record posted when I was in grade 9,and I beat it the day we did rope climbing(I had been practicing). As I was receiving congrats all around, the next 2 or three guys went up.Then a guy from Warsaw, (who always wanted to work in a funeral home), went up and beat my time. %#@$.
    Then, my buddy Doug C from Lakefield went and annihilated the record by over a full second, which is pretty impressive considering we are talking about a 4-5 second rope climb.I can still picture it, he was using his arms only and the rope was whipping back and forth......
    Anyhow,I imagine Doug's record still stands.Doug was like a circus muscle man and the girls loved him.Muscles on his muscles.He never worked out.His brother was the same.Very nice guy as well.
    I can still climb a rope pretty well, but I use my hands and feet.
    Bet you weren't expecting that!

  2. i did not see that coming . . .