Sunday, April 25, 2010

those chickens are organized . . .

and just in case i didn't get QUITE enough crossfit in this week, i figured i'd better finish it off with one more session. 'evil jimmy' was the man in charge today, and he truly lived up to his name. 'so take this thing that looks like an old cast iron kettle, and that weighs about 35lbs, and swing it from between your legs to up over your head 300 times - and see how long it takes you.' good grief, i'll be lucky if i can lift my arms tomorrow - i'll be wearing zip-up tops for sure. thankfully i don't usually bother combing my hair, cuz sure as shit i won't be able to do that either. and to top it all off, i'm pretty sure one of my ribs is out of place !! woo hoo!
afterwards, me and christine headed out on the humber for an easy, lazy run. cindy was invited, but he never did show up. we met up with billllliiieeee who was out on his mountain bike.

after he left, we decided we'd run far enough, so we settled in to grab some fiddleheads. tons of them in the fern garden!

finished up with a coffee and some nasty snacks at timmies. thanks for a great day christine!
once home, i got around to calling my friend andrea, and went over to her place to pick up a 'relaxin chair' for the balcony of the treehouse. took my camera so i could get some pics of her chickens - my sister LOVES chickens ! andrea and i were laughing like idiots as we stomped through the poop in the coop ! her husband declared us both insane, and left us to amuse ourselves further - making up stories about the chickens getting organized, and planning an ambush on us when we turned our backs!!

and please note, no chickens were harmed in the taking of these photographs - although they were a little pissed that we took their eggs . . .
and finally, we received our tentative itinerary for the upcoming pylon road trip to tennessee in june from the captain. details to follow - what could go wrong???
'pardon me, boy
is that the chattanooga choo choo'

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