Saturday, April 10, 2010

pull-ups, new shirts and spring things

so i'm continuing my obsession with crossfit. on tuesday, yummy dillon gave us this wicked workout where you had to do 40 squats in a minute. however many under 40 you didn't get, you had to do the balance in pull-ups for the next minute. then you had to repeat the squats, and do the balance in pushups. this continued on for 20 minutes. now i'm not overly fond of either, so i made up my mind to get in all 40 squats. when we reached 20 minutes, i informed dillon that i had yet to do either. hmmm, 'mental note,' he says, 'don't give squats to the ultra runner.' so he gave us 5 more minutes - and woo hoo - still no pushing or pulling ! by the end of the last round, my legs were so pumped that i literally fell onto a bench. in all, i had done 520 squats in 13 minutes. saweeeeet ! dillon says next time i have to do 50. alex says 60. crap!
thursday, seeing as how i managed to avoid the pull-ups on tuesday, alex decided to give us the following workout . . . 50 pull-ups and 30 knees-to-elbows. however, since i've yet to do even one real pull-up, i have to do jumping ones, and i have to do 100. AND, i have to do this 3 times. argh!!! everybodys' hands were fucked by the end - check it out!

here's alex and jim doing knees-to-elbows. whereas it took me 41 minutes to do this workout, it only took them 15. i think i have to practice a bit more!!!

got a few okay trail runs in this week. total mileage was just over 40. not running really strong right now, but i'm loving the weather. did a few repeats of k2 on tuesday and then had a nice rainy stomp through palgrave with alex on thursday. saturday tired me out i think, as i did 35 minutes of crossfit, ran 2 hours, and then hiked another hour with trailman. my legs were definitely bagged by the end of the day.
on sunday, the plan was to meet in kilbirdie for a run on the bruce. me, homey and moose left from the treehouse just after 7 in the mighty pimpcedes. we joined the captain and robbie in the parking lot behind the school.

check out the new team shirts !!!!

my legs were pretty much done from saturday, so i just puttered along, enjoying the weather and taking pics. here's one of a trillium just waiting to open.

and i knew the guys wouldn't believe me, so i had to get a pic of this little dude, sunning himself in some pine needles. good thing homey didn't see him!

what a great day! big thanks to the captain for designing and ordering our shirts. can't wait to show them off at one of the ous races this year. we're going to look especially fine in tennessee this june . . .

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