Saturday, April 17, 2010

slow twitch - fast twitch

i've put in about 33 miles so far this week. 2 more sessions with my trail fit group and lots more crossfit. i've been told i have to cut it back to 3-4 times a week, or my endurance will suffer. something about changing my (very) slow twitch fibers over to (not very) fast twitch. this is after consulting moose - thumbs of death, catra corbett - crossfit guru and ultra runner extreme, and dina - my very most favorite sister. i'll give it a go and see what happens. on another positive note, my blisters from last week have pretty much healed, and i was able to do 150 jumping pull-ups today. woo hoo!
i did a long run friday, starting from cooli's and making it over to the tai chi center. here's a shot from the lookout north of 9.

the pond just north of 9

a red trillium 'almost' open in glenn haffy.

once back, i did a down/up on k2, and half of the dingle.

so a little stiff this morning when i woke up, but overall, doing good. going to try for an easy 12 miles this afternoon.

'life is good'


  1. Atta Girl,Dora;
    You were missed today!

  2. I needed you there to run the 52K with me.Now I know how you feel when you keep running and the rest of us are eating lunch.
    Anyhoo, Swiss ran great,no moooing calf issues, it's time to put the pressure on him for Tennessee.
    Road trips are always better with Swiss!

  3. i'm already working on it!
    good job digger!