Friday, April 23, 2010

let's get dirty !

i was getting tired of working the gym every night, so i came up with the bright idea to get a group of people and go play outside. on monday and wednesday nights, a bunch of us - all ladies this session - hit the humber valley trail for some running and some grunting ! i have them do, to name a few, pushups - lots - squats - lots - and hills - lots. the first night most of them were a little nervous - what could go wrong ??! by the third week, however, they were quite comfortable with each other, and, even better, with bitching at me when something was a little too hard. (or in miss elizabeth's case, a little too easy). we've had one casualty so far, and that was when holland took her eyes off the trail and landed in the rhubarb! we all had a laugh when the grumpy little portuguese flopped down in the dust after a round of hill repeats! it's pretty cool to see how each one of them has progressed so far!

great job ladies! keep er going !!

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