Saturday, April 24, 2010

wacky wildlife

so let's see, highlights from this week . . .

i was running on the humber tuesday morning and had a coyote/wolf/werewolf cross the trail in front of me! not exactly sure which of the above, but it was fairly big and a reddish/brown in color. very cool ! also tuesday, me and barb rode the rail trail over to inglewood to visit the bike shop and general store. mmmmm - thanks for the cookie barb! i saw a snake, a strange brown bird, a chippie and a bunch of turtles on a log. barb saw a really cute guy on a road bike, and even remarked that he was smiling at me. i figured it was more like he was feeling sorry for me - looking like a homeless person and riding a dirty bike with a pink chain and just one gear! haha!

wednesday i took the mighty alex out running - took a trip up k2. he said something about it being 'dirty' after taking 12 minutes to get to the top. it was at the bottom of the first hill on the dingle that things started to go wrong. i believe it was the left ankle that got twisted first . . . and with my usual amount of concern, i told him to walk it off. he seemed fine after a few minutes, and we were able to carry on. we made it to the extension of innis lake before heading back. i had 'just' finished asking about his ankle, and him responding 'fine', when i heard the sound of a large tree crashing down behind me. uh oh ! this sounded really bad ! upon inspection, i discovered that it was the other ankle this time. and it was way worse than the first. for the love of pete, why couldn't he have twisted the same one! and more importantly, HOW THE HELL WAS I GOING TO CARRY SOMEONE THIS SIZE OUT OF THE TRAIL????

now according to pylon rules, it's each man for himself, but technically, alex is not a pylon, and i felt obligated to stick around! (that and i'm sure he'd get me back with some diabolical wod once we got back to the gym.) in true tuff-guy fashion, he sucked it up and was able to walk back up the trail. i got him to head out to cooli's, while i ran down k2 to get the car, and drive over to pick him up. he sure was a sight walking half-naked down the side of a dirt road !!! and, turns out it was just a sprain, and he was back to working out the next day.

crossfit this week was insane as usual. alex is determined to get me to do a real pull-up, and has so far in april had me do 788 jumping ones. sorest muscle of the week had to be my abs - with 75 glute-ham situps, 75 hanging knees-to-elbows and 75 regular situps. owwww! also determined that my max deadlift for 3 reps is 195lbs. cool !

saturday i had a couple of clients - the artist and the glp - and then i headed out on the humber. saweet morning for sure. and thankyou alice, my legs felt amazing! my right foot sucked, but it just felt so good to have strong legs for a change that i kept going. got up into albion even.

after almost 18 miles in 3:22 i felt great - other than my stoopid foot of course. i finished up on castlederg, and got the bright idea to soak my feet in the humber just under the bridge. it was pretty chilly, but definitely numbed some of the pain. it was really nice sitting there, soaking in the sun and listening to the river bounce over the rocks.

and check out the artwork on the side of the bridge. pretty amazing !

finished off the day hiking with trailman on the rail trail, where we spotted 3 beavers by the big lodge almost at the gore. i just devoured a couple slices of pizza, and am planning on watching a couple episodes of 'picket fences' before heading to bed.

this is for you liz'bet . . .

'it's my life

and it's now or never

'cause i ain't gonna live forever

i just want to live while i'm alive

bon jovi

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