Sunday, September 30, 2012

''all hail the stem cells''

so after a week of indecision, i finally came to terms with the fact that i don't have to prove to anyone, especially myself, that i can in fact run 100 miles.   my epic fail at leadville was a tough one to accept, but i think i am over it.  i struggled with doing another 100, even signed up for one and was ready to go right up until the day before.  but jd was injured, and despite trying to get someone to go with me, it didn't happen.  i then stewed over doing oil creek a couple of weeks later.  i asked a bunch of people what they thought, and they mostly came back with, 'what are your reasons for doing it'.   hmmm - excellent question.  and in consideration, i realized i was wanting to do it for all the wrong ones.   

once i accepted the fact that it was totally okay to dnf something, i felt goooood!   it was like discovering the trail love all over again.  wahoo!   stoopid dora getting all serious over running - when i will ALWAYS suck at it!   so let's 'recalculate' why i run, and start having fun again!  and i AM ...

can you say 'i love hockley' .....


hay everhard!  your favorite tree's still standing ...

 friday night club was all about kettlebells and running.   the incredible andy mo made an appearance after digging herself out from underneath a bunch of school work.

and corinna showed up to kick some ass ..

dillon with his adorable wife jodi !

everyone getting ready to run - kinda ...

great post-wod mobility - thanks dillon!

haaa!  one of the best friday night club shots EVER ...

i also did a sweet ride on the misfit out to inglewood!  just a beauty of a day!

wahoo!   bought me some new grips - thanks mike !

this is lucy's kid 'shorty' helping out with some ab work ...

and i'll admit he's cute,  but not as cute as the redhead ...

oh ya!  i made it to a class in peterborough on saturday with 'crossfit kawartha'.  we did a team wod consisting of ball slams, rowing, skipping, squats, atomic sit ups and plate walks!  it was a lot of fun and a super bunch of people!!

and finally, i got these emails the first of the week from my amazing and incredible friend dave ...

Day 11 Post Stem Cell Reinfusion : Engraftment is when stem cells go back to bone marrow and begin to make new white cells, red cells, and platelets. It usually takes place 10 - 14 days after the stem cells are reinfused.
And the good news, since yesterday:
White cell count jumped from .5 to 2.2
Neutrophils manually calculated .594 from yesterday's .1 (no neupogen needle today given improvement)
Red blood cell count holding at 92
Platelets up from 23 to 30 (didn't need a platelet transfusion!)
May be sent home in next couple of days! Yes!!

Day 13 Post Stem Cell Transplant : Discharged from hospital late yesterday. YES!!!! Great to be out. Heading back in just for follow up appointment this morning. Hugs and thanks for all the positive thoughts and support. :-)

Good morning Kendra!!! There are thoughts of a run. Being in the hospital certainly set me back. The 5K round trip walk to hospital and back yesterday seemed like a lot (no whining of course). Got to get back into stretching, exercising and running. xoxoxoxo

OH YA BABY !!!!!


  1. Good for you getting over Leadville! I'm not there yet, maybe I have issues...

  2. Although I'm glad you are back to the Kendra I know and love (enjoying your running and living in the moment) I could just shake you when you say things like "I will ALWAYS suck at it"...Kendra!? You DID run 100 miles and you inspire so many of us to be great athletes at the gym or on the trail. It is also nice to know that you are human and have the same struggles we all have trying to reach our goals.

    Great news about your friend Dave! He has a great attitude.

    Oh, by the way..I really could have used your motivation on Monday at cfb when we had to do those ridiculous OHS for four rounds at 65 pounds..grrr

  3. i am finally starting to almost enjoy overheads lovely! and thanks for your comment - i don't really think i suck ...