Sunday, September 23, 2012

kilbirdie claims another 2 victims ...

 i can't even remember the last time the pylons got together!  so when the captain sent out an email last week announcing a run sunday at kilbirdie, i was all over it!  i immediately contacted homie and arranged a ride - cuz it is south of seven after all.  it was a great turnout - captain, robbie, homey, the beave and cy ...

 and me of course ...

after some handshaking, hugs and general bullshit, we got on our way.  trail was beautiful and the temp was perfect.  but, as luck (bad luck in this case) would have it, the captain got stung by a wasp at pretty much the deepest, darkest, furthest away part of the trail.  and unfortunately, the captain is allergic to bee stings.  and unfortunately, his benadryl and epi pens were back at the car - ruh roh !  not to worry, we can cut the course and get ourselves fairly quickly to a road.  i opted to stay with the captain, as my legs were totally fucked from doing 20min worth of double unders at crossfit on friday - not to mention the 100 fucking burpees on saturday.   the rest of the pylons carried on.

we made it back to the car without incident - the captain did NOT blow up like a puff ball and i didn't have to try and resuscitate him.  or run for help!   thank gawd!

amazing shot of a big old mossy rock!

sadly, things didn't turn out so well for cy.  with less than 300 meters to go, just before the 'robbie bridge', he was running too fast (i NEVER have that problem) and tripped over a rock, twisting his ankle.  me and cap knew something was up when robbie and the beave came back without him - we were sitting in the car waiting - where it was warm - and dry - cuz it had started to rain.  uh oh!  finally he emerged around the corner with homey and he didn't look too bad!   thank gawd!

in all, i put in around 2:30 and had a great day!  so so good to see the guys again!   and thanks captain for organizing us!   awesome!