Saturday, September 1, 2012

bye thomas ...

so our beloved thomas is leaving for guelph this weekend. he claims to be going to school, but we figure he's just found another place to go drinking with his buddies ...

a bunch of us got together at crabby joes after friday night club - even father jimmy managed to sneak out for an hour ...

the lovely lia AND jessica m ...

love this chick!

AND her husband! we were laughing at how poorly we dressed - but then - it is only bolton!

oh, and we did actually do a class - although from this pic, it looks like lia is just relaxing on a beach somewhere in italy. great job on those power cleans lovely!

alright! friday night club!

oh, and kathy, if you EVER make me do burpee pull ups again when they're not a part of a WOD, i will have to kill you! jeezuz woman !


  1. Love all these photos! What a fun night out :)

  2. absolutely!! and i will miss thomas !