Sunday, September 9, 2012

finally - nailed the stoopid overhead squats !

despite the weatherman's best attempt to discourage outdoor activity on saturday, i braved the 5min of drizzle around noon and was blessed with a truly great day on the trail.

got this when the sun first came out ...

hay look! rick also snubbed the forecast, and got in 2 laps!

rain my arse - check out that blue sky!

i just love the forest after a bunch of rain - it smells soooo good! and despite stiff and kranky legs i still managed almost 4 hours.

so the wod for friday was stressing me out. 'nancy' - 5 rounds of 400m run, AND, 15 overhead squats with 65lbs. fuck! the very first time i did this, it took me over 35 minutes. i burned a nerve in my arm and couldn't scratch my head without hitting myself in the eye. basically, my excessively tight 'runner's hips' wouldn't let me do the squats properly. i have been practicing, and trying to get my shoulders and hips looser, but i still wasn't sure how it would go. me and lia were dreading it. i even tried to tell tony that i'd already done it! haaa! he wasn't fooled!

anyway, after a couple dodgy ones, something finally clicked ...

and i was able to do them! yahoo! stoopid overheads!! only took me 2 years!

final time - 19:04! yesssss!

wednesday i ran up and up and down and down the dingle doing hill repeats.

my favorite creek ...

another beauty day!

and the little redhead started grade 1 this week - check out this pic from his first day!

big big exciting week coming up! me and andreaaa are heading to newfoundland to visit dave and tone! plan on doing some hiking on the east coast trail, and being there for dave's stem cell transplant! oh, and celebrating my 52nd birthday!



  1. I am soooo proud of how well we did on "Nancy"!!!! Overhead squats are one of those movements I practice consistently on my "rest days" just to keep the muscle memory. I've been doing my OHS at 95 pounds at low reps every week anticipating the appearance of nasty nancy...and there she was. I think it's safe to say, we killed that bitch!

    Have a great time in Newfoundland! Happy Birthday and best wishes to your friend Dave.

    Oh, and that little redhead is adorable :)

  2. thanks lovely! and thanks for always motivating and making me push harder than i would on my own!
    *big hugs*