Saturday, October 6, 2012

end to end challenge

on thursday, me and homey had the privilege of meeting up with cody gillies.   this amazing 22 year old is attempting to run the bruce trail from tobermory to niagara falls - 885 km - under the current time of 13 days, 10 hours and 50 minutes.  you can read all about his end to end challenge  here.

i originally met cody, his brother kyle, and their mom karen through trail running and the death race almost 10 years ago. and knowing karen, i'm not at all surprised by the determination and ability of her kid.  

we started out on the 4th line, just past limehouse, around 3:30, and the plan was to run to kelso, about 25km.

now i figured since he'd been running already for 9 days that i would have no problem keeping up.  WRONG!  good gawd!  you should have seen him book it through the trail.  my only saving grace was the downhills, as his feet were pretty sore and the descents made it worse!

while asking for water at a house along the trail, he actually met up with a relative!  what are the chances of that???

still smiling after almost 700km

very kool shot overlooking the gravel pit ...

poor dave pushed/carried his bike way more than he rode it ...

all i can say is, it was a total honor to run this small section of trail with cody.  his attitude was unbelievable.  i can only imagine a fraction of what he's going through - both physically and mentally.  and for a 22 year old, well holy krap!   he will make it - i have no doubt - and i will cherish the 5 hours i spent with him.   you sure don't come across people like that every day ...

'long may you run cody' ...

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