Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm pretty tired... I think I'll go home now.

great week and weekend!   i took my lovely friend lia out for a hike in hockley on saturday.   she was really anxious to go, as i had been raving about it for some time now.  

the colors were in full bloom!

great shot of the ravine - i tried to convince her to run down so i could get a pic, but she wouldn't go for it!

'look up' ...

ahhhhh - beautiful !

needless to say, after 2+ hours of romping around out here, she was not disappointed.

interesting week of crossfit - friday night club ...

overhead squats ...

and lots of pull ups - who had worse hands - me or saggo ...

and lori's comment when she finished downloading the mighty one's camera after thursday's class - ''um,  what  was going on at the gym tonight ...'

monday was gorgeous - little chill in the air - perfect running temp.   i threw on my new 'hokas' - yes, i'll admit it, i am trying a pair of the clown shoes to see if they make it any easier on my poor old feet - and headed into palgrave!


i LOVE running !!!

and finally finished off the day with the ghetto girls up at the birthday tree ...

awesome job ladies !!!

 OH !!   and remember this amazing kid !!   he did it !!  he completed his end to end challenge on sunday afternoon - breaking the current record!  FUCKING INCREDIBLE!  he ran the bruce trail from tobermory to niagara - 885km - in 12 days, 7 hours and 39 minutes !  and he's only 22 years old!   congratulations cody - you have inspired so many people, especially this slowrunner, and you brought me to tears.  everyone needs someone like you in their life to help keep it real.

 happy thanksgiving my friends ...


  1. So that's your secret to doing pull-ups! :)

    Nice pics. Love the milkweed one.

  2. i should have been wearing protective eye wear ...

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Can't wait for our next hike!