Sunday, October 14, 2012

sure - i can go to atlanta ...

so i get this email from my buddy richard last weekend asking if i was interested in going to atlanta to pace him for the north face endurance challenge 50 miler.  the offer of running trails in georgia was very tempting - not to mention the free flight/accommodation thingy ...      hell, i would be krazy to refuse!   (flashbacks of a similiar email i received a few years ago from my awesome friend leslie who needed a partner for the transrockies!)   and wahoo - by friday afternoon, i was carrying my shoes in my backpack and loving the 85 degree weather as i crammed into a van full of american soldiers to go meet richard!

race started (for him) at 5 in the morning, so i dragged my ass out of bed just before 4 and drove him over to the shuttle area.   i made sure he had all his krap, gave him a hug, and drove back to the motel for another couple hours sleep.   we weren't sure what time he'd be at the 27 mile check point - so i got there nice and early and chatted with this guy jon from nova scotia.  richard arrived just after 11, and with a brief stop to grab some food and refill his water, we were on our way.

and for a guy who had just finished running 45k, he was moving!   i had to really haul ass to keep up!

haaaa!   LOVE this jersey!!

the scenery was nice, but nothing compared to my beloved hockley, or the east coast trail.  still, we caught a few great views.

and there were some neat rock sections that reminded me of the escarpment ...


at about the 60k mark, richard started to enter the pain cave.  he was nauseous, and his knee was hurting, but overall, he was doing really well.  

 he finished in 11:55:00 - under his predicted time of 12 hours.   not bad for his first 50!

haaaa!   check out how dusty it was !

a job well done!

i'm thinking i kinda like this pacing business! 

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