Friday, August 5, 2011

biking to vancouver update

got this from lexi yesterday morning . . .

Steve's adventure;

made it to Sault Ste Marie yesterday (240 km day) Headin up around Lake Superior now - planning on hitting Lake Superior Provincial Park campgrounds tonight and actually might go in the lake!!! (he's not a big water guy) Says it was stinking hot and pretty boring scenery but it's supposed to get pretty scenic from now to Thunder Bay. Went into a little restaurant where the waitress mentioned "we have a special all-u-can-eat buffet tonight for $15" - WHaaa!!!! their mistake - he went 'Homer' on them and pretty much wiped them out - best perogies he's ever tasted. Waitress came by on plate 3 and asked if he was thinking of coming up for air. Burning over 6000 calories a day - any special no sugar/no crap/whole foods diet is history.

Riding for hours with no traffic lights, no stop signs, few cars - says it's pretty wild and makes him realize how much he has to slow down and stop even while riding around here "in the country". Seeing lots of people riding with loaded up bikes going the other way! DOH!!! Once heard his name being called out a car window - Huh? - turned out to be a fellow bike racer he knows from the city - loaded him up with some granola bars and a couple waters and sent him on his way again.
he's also had to load up on more butt cream already - the saddle sores are starting to get a little brutal otherwise he's having a great time doing what he loves most - riding hard.

to be continued....


  1. Thanks for the update. Really sounds like a dream to be out there on those lonely roads just taking it all in.

    Reading about him having to refuelling all of those burned calories makes me salivate. And he has to eat like that everyday. He should get an app for All you Can Eat Buffets.

    I knew that seat was trouble.


  2. makes me want to ride across canada too!!!