Saturday, August 13, 2011

biking to vancouver - into the prairies

got this from lexi just now . . .

Made it out of Ontario 2 days ago. FINALLY!!! it took 10 days to get to the Manitoba border. Much relief to be done with that stretch of the trip. The last 2 days out of Thunder Bay were brutal - weather turned really nasty for one day but somehow he still managed to do 200 km (took almost 10 hrs that day) worrying that the campground he was aiming for that night was still too far ahead, riding through rain and thunder when suddenly out of nowhere appeared a nice, cozy little motel at the side of the road with a super friendly little old lady at the front desk - absolutely nothing else around for miles - like right out of a movie. Slept really well that night! What's really strange about this whole trip is never turning back, never changing direction. If there's a nasty headwind there's never any relief coming when you change directions or turn around and head for home and get that wind at your back. There is never any turning around and heading for home!! Very strange.

So after that last haul out of Ontario and the same road and the same trees and the same steady long climbs and not much else and straight into the Prairies... and WHAM... pancake flat. seriously, suddenly absolutely flat, for miles and miles. Had a bear sighting, was just humming along when he suddenly saw it - scared the crap out of the bear and it high-tailed it into the tall reeds at the side of the road. Another time heard this big Whoosh, Whoosh in the reeds and a huge bald eagle flew out right in front of him. Started seeing a new kind of roadkill - a lot - wondering what the heck is that animal, finally realizing ohhh- it's prairie dogs!! And tons of these beautiful green and white butterflies everywhere, running into the bike continually. (hmmm, do you think he's started hallucinating??!!- not yet, I hope!) Saw a girl on a road bike turn onto the road ahead of him, wanting to talk to her and find out about the roads in the area, or campgrounds, or bike shops, or anything really (long days without talking to anyone) but couldn't catch up to her and watched her just ahead fading into the distance for hours because the road is so flat and so straight.

Just outside Brandon tonight and did find a bike shop and had a good chat with the local boys about all things bicycle and will head into Saskatchewan tomorrow, as it's only 550 km through Manitoba. Passed the 'Center of Canada' marker just outside Winnipeg. Has had to stick to the Trans-Canada mostly due to a lot of roads being closed because of all the flooding. But aside from the 2 crappy days leaving Ontario the weather has been amazing. All is well.

more from Sask...

and of course, i just had to stick in the friday night club picture. how come they make the old lady climb up on top of the skids!??

nice recovery week. legs aren't feeling too bad, although i'm sure the 150 squats, 45 deadlifts, 100 double-unders, 100 overhead squats and the 75 cleans didn't help . . .

i 'huge heart' crossfit - it's great to be back!!!

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