Monday, August 15, 2011

art addictions - glen is brilliant!

nice and easy - recovery run on saturday up the palgrave sidetrail. put in just over 1:45 and felt pretty good!

coming up to the gore . . .

ah, the birthday tree . . .

the 'cookie' couple strikes again - another note!!

took the giant into crossfit on sunday and was the only victim. not so bad though - had father jimmy all to myself!! little annoyed doing deadlifts - had 190 on the bar and somehow managed to tweak the back. grrrrr! dropped the bar immediately and settled for a much lighter weight and a bunch of push-ups.

and look who showed up on a road bike! josh! he rolled in on a borrowed red sekine that weighed about as much as him! classic! he had never even been on a road bike before this week, and managed to put in over 50k - not fucking bad for a rookie!

after i was done the wod, we both decided it would be a good day for breakfast, so we did just that! mmm - omelets and bacon! and check out the inov8 crossfit shoes, the harley sox and the cages on the pedals! this guy is awesome!

and today i drove myself south of 7 to get some more work done by my favorite tattoo artist glen at art addictions inc. i basically told him what i wanted, and he did the rest!

thanks glen - i LOVE it!!!

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