Tuesday, August 9, 2011

biking to vancouver update 2

got this from lexi this morning . . .

Rolling out of Thunder Bay today... one week down, 1342 km in and only 3458 km to go! Doing great, had a bit of a rest day yesterday - only did 130 km to get to town, hit the bike store, the laundromat and the health food store (system on a wheat and sugar overload - too many Tim Horton's along the route!!) Probably the last chance to load up on a few healthy granola bars, some spare tubes and more 'DZ Nuts' chamois cream before hitting the Peg.

Met 2 young guys from Alliston WALKING to Vancouver - bahaha!! they're hoping to get there by February!! - wonder how high they were when they came up with that idea??? they were trying to find a canoe to paddle off a few km though! locals have been friendly, lots of tourists, camper vans, families with the kiddies, moose sightings, bugs not bad, unbelievable amount of lakes, wicked hills, only blew out one tube so far on a scary decent and the saddle sores are either hardening up enough that they don't seem as bad or the brain has just stopped paying attention to them due to the prolonged discomfort!

starting to have zen-like thoughts about existence and the immenseness of life - could become more of a spiritual journey than anticipated. hours of road stretching out ahead... the rhythm of the pedals turning over and over... day after day... little human on bike... vast Canadian Wilderness... vast endlessly expanding Universe... Whoooa - and then there's the Timmy's sign up ahead - couple coffees and some bagels and back on the road.

more from the next time zone soon...


  1. Totally awesome story...glad kendra is sharing them... Thanks Steve, be safe, ride long and hard buddy! Thanks SK fo sharing

  2. hay B! it's actually really kool how many people are following this! steve is amazing!